The Importance of the Right Jury Selection

One of the most powerful aspects of our work at DeJean & Noland Law Office. is our ability to successfully pick the right jury selection for your trial. This is a process known as voir dire.

The right jury selection can mean the difference between a favorable or an unfavorable outcome. Before we even meet potential jurors, our team performs extensive background and Internet searches, uncovering potential cultural biases, religious beliefs and political affiliations. When we arrive at court, we are absolutely ready. We understand what questions to ask, and what questions to follow-up with. The voir dire process is both an art and a science. Through our pointed interviewing, we reveal how potential jurors think and make decisions. We uncover their values, their prejudices and more. All potential jurors arrive at the courthouse with built-in biases – it’s human nature – and it is our job to reveal those biases in order to give our clients the best possible chance at a successful verdict. It’s not just who we want on a jury – it’s also who we don’t want.

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