Rape/Sexual Battery Attorney

In our society, accusations of rape and sexual assault are particularly emotional and heated, creating a painful and embarrassing situation for an accused person who, by law, is still innocent until proven guilty. If the alleged victim is a minor or a child, the case becomes that much more serious for the accused.

If you have been charged with rape or sexual assault, contact our office immediately so that we can discuss your case and begin the process of both protecting your rights and building the right defense.

Rape and sexual battery charges include several categories:

  • Aggravated rape
  • Forcible rape
  • Simple rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Second degree sexual battery
  • Oral sexual battery

We understand the complexities of these charges and the damaging wake they can leave behind. We pride ourselves on working with extreme professionalism as we protect your rights and build a credible and powerful defense.

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