Hurricane Claims

Hurricane Claims Attorneys

Louisiana has had a torrid history of being struck by hurricanes like Laura and the more recent Hurricane Ian. These storms have left untold devastation in their wake. Thousands have lost property, homes, and businesses.

Fortunately, many Louisiana residents have insurance policies to cushion them when these disasters happen. Still, many claimants have had trouble getting their dues from these insurance companies.

So, What Next After Losing your Property, Home, or Business in a Hurricane?

Before talking to your insurance company, safeguard your rights by talking to our experienced team of insurance claim attorneys. Just schedule an appointment at Dejean & Noland Law Office. Don’t allow insurance companies to intimidate you into settling for less. Here’s how we will help you:

1.       Filing Water and Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Our attorneys will investigate your claims and determine which damages you can claim. It will ensure that you don’t have to file separate water and flood damages to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Bottom-line is that we will help you fight for what you deserve.

2.       Damage to Business Claims

If your business premise suffered damage in the hurricane, you should talk to our hurricane claim attorneys. They will get you the maximum damages from your hurricane and flood insurance.

3.       Appealing Denied Hurricane Claims

The last thing you want when filing an insurance claim for hurricane damage is a denial from your insurance company. Our attorneys have experience in submitting appeals on your behalf. Relax as they fight on your behalf to get you your compensation.

4.       What if your Claims are Undervalued or Delayed?

Insurance companies sometimes undervalue your claim, which is worse than an outright denial. Don’t fret; our lawyers will help you appeal your claims to get your dues. Don’t settle for less when you can get your rightful dues.

You shouldn’t face this Alone

Any devastating natural disaster, like the recent Hurricane Ian, can be a stressful event. We are here to help. Allow our experienced attorneys to review your case at no cost today! Feel free to contact us here.