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Manufacturers have an obligation to provide safe products to consumers. No matter where they have been developed, those products are subject to United States product law. If a consumer or a bystander is injured by a product that is deemed defective or unreasonably dangerous, the manufacturer and other parties in the supply chain can be held responsible.

DeJean & Noland Law Office. is a consumer protection law office with experienced litigators who know how to fight large corporations in the courtroom. We are successful because we take time to investigate every detail of the incident, including how the product was manufactured. If a manufacturer uses a defective design, poor testing, careless manufacturing in bringing the product to market or was negligent in issuing recalls consumers and injured workers have the right to hold the manufacturer liable. Our team works aggressively and methodically to ensure we have a full understanding of the facts. This creates a stronger case that leads to the right judgment, and the compensation you need to restore you and your family.

Here are some examples of manufacturer neglect and product liability:

  • A child sustains an injury from a toy that is a choking hazard
  • Adults or children sustain injury due to improper labeling of household cleaners
  • Vehicles with defective brakes, steering columns, airbags or other issues
  • Delaying recalls that lead to injury or death
  • Manufacturer uses a defective design in order to save money and increase profits
  • Careless manufacture and poor quality control measures cause products to malfunction

If you think that you or a family member may be a victim of product negligence, please contact DeJean & Noland Law Office. We have a team of experts ready to protect, support and ensure you receive the representation and compensation you are legally entitled to.

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