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About one in four current 20-year-olds will become disabled before they reach age 67, according to the Social Security Administration. If this happens, the government provides Social Security Disability benefits for workers who are unable to work due to medical reasons for long or indefinite periods. These programs are complex and require in large part, electronic claims and electronic medical evidence.

Just more than half of claims are fulfilled the first time, so it improves your chances tremendously when you have an experienced team of attorneys who know how to navigate bureaucracy successfully.

Each month, more than 15 million men, women, and children receive Social Security benefits due to disabilities, but to be successful requires submitting relevant supporting medical evidence, proof of the claimant’s inability to work and earn money and details on the expected duration of the disability. Denied claims can be appealed, though many people do not pursue this. Your chances of obtaining benefits will be greatly increased if you work with an experienced team.

If you are disabled and believe you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, call DeJean & Noland Law Office. today. DeJean & Noland Law Office. has vast experience in submitting Social Security Disability applications and will be happy to evaluate your case.

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