Divorce Court Veterans Going To Battle For You

If you’re like other Americans, 2020 was probably a year that put you through one of the most challenging times of your life. Not only was most entertainment out of the question, but the majority of us were on lockdown, unable to leave the confines of our own home. Many already strained relationships saw their breaking points in 2020. Current data shows a trend of divorce growing with the pandemic, possibly upwards of 25%. If you find yourself in this category, don’t go into 2021 fighting an uphill battle. How prepared are you to navigate family law and a divorce case?

Even The Odds

Divorce proceedings can be particularly nasty. Children can be turned against parents, and once close in-laws and other family members can turn into strangers that now turn a blind eye when you need them most. Being on the wrong end of a divorce case can make a positive outcome seem impossible. The first step in this battle is picking the right law firm to represent you. Clients who have gone through divorce battles and wound up victorious have one thing in common; their recommendation for who to turn to. When your home, assets, and most importantly, your role in your children’s lives is at stake, accepting nothing less than the best in the business is not an option. The DeJean & Noland Law Office experts are here to help you fight for a fair outcome.

 A Brighter New Year

The support system you were used to may have disappeared in 2020, but your dignity and livelihood shouldn’t be taken as well. 2021 looks a lot brighter, especially with an attorney who knows how to navigate the specifics of a divorce case! If you’re in the Baton Rouge area and going through a divorce, property dispute, or child custody battle, contact us, and we’ll go to war for you!

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