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Several different types of adoptions take place in the United States today, but no matter what kind of adoption you might be considering, it is essential that the matter is handled with the utmost legal integrity in order to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

What types of adoption do we handle in Baton Rouge?

  • Public agency. An adoption in which a public agency is involved. The agency usually has legal and physical custody of the child.
  • Private agency. An adoption facilitated by a private agency, to which the birth parents have turned over the custody of the child.
  • Intercountry or International. An adoption in which the birth parents are residents of a different country from the adoptive parents.
  • Non-Agency, facilitated. A private adoption in which a facilitator links prospective adoptive parents with an expectant mother for a fee.
  • Non-Agency, independent. A private adoption in which the birth parent(s) relinquish rights to the child directly to the adoptive parents. An attorney serves as the intermediary.
  • Non-Agency, stepparent. A private adoption of the spouse’s child by a stepparent.

Waiting for a child, or finalizing an adoption, is an emotional issue. Couples and individuals can wait years for the opportunity to formally adopt a child, and when the day finally arrives, they need to know they won’t be facing uncertainty or future legal challenges. DeJean & Noland Law Office. understands exactly what needs to be in place to create an airtight adoption that gives all parties the confidence they deserve to move forward with their lives. Call us today to discuss your hopes and dreams and how we can help you achieve them.

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