Six Child Custody Tips

Child custody cases are one of the most painful and sensitive issues to battle in court.

It’s important that all parties involved take the right steps to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are some helpful child custody tips to consider:

1. Make sure to keep notes of all interaction with your children while the case is pending.

Your children should remain the priority in your life, especially when in you are in the middle of a legal battle. Keep a log of all visitations, payments and other communication between your children, yourself and the other parties involved in the case so that the court had documentation to refer back to.

child-custody-tips-baton-rouge 2. Remain flexible.

You want to make sure that anytime you are responsible for your children, your schedule doesn’t interfere with that. Making time for your children is crucial until everything is finalized try to schedule other plans around your visitation time.

3. Be careful when dating.

Introducing someone into your children’s lives is a big step in a relationship. Therefore, you want to make sure you know everything about this person so that you can be certain you are not putting your children in harm’s way.

4. Don’t make your children “the messenger.”

Sometimes these battles can get ugly and in that process, both parties can often find themselves trying to find out information about one another. However, this is never a good idea and just puts your children in a painful situation.

5. Don’t badmouth

The same goes for talking negatively about each other as it does making children relay messages. These situations both force children to lose their innocence and look at their parents or guardians in a bad light. Spare the details and save your children from the emotional pain.

6. Seek legal advice before relocating.

In most cases, you will need the court’s permission to move out-of-state another country with your children. Unless you have sole physical custody, you will need the court’s blessing and without permission, your custody battle can go from bad to worse.

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