What To Do If You Have Been Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

False rape or sexual assault allegations, unfortunately, happen far too often in Louisiana. It is a terrifying scenario to find yourself in.

The reality is if someone makes these allegations against you, as long as the police find them somewhat credible you will be immediately arrested. The impact of an arrest for a sex crime is devastating. It will go in the paper, you could immediately lose your job, family members could ostracize you and much more.

The best way to combat these accusations is limiting the situations you place yourself in where someone can make these allegations. Either in business or everyday life, never meet with a member of the opposite sex in private without someone else present. Do not give women you do not know rides home in your vehicle. Do not place yourself in a situation where you find yourself in your home or anyone else’s home with a member of the opposite sex, especially one who might be underage (i.e. friend of your child.

If the allegations do happen there are steps you must do to protect yourself:

Contact an attorney at DeJean & Noland Law Office as soon as you suspect that you may be being investigated. As always the golden rule is do not talk to the police without an attorney present.

It is natural when these type of allegations arise that you want to tell your side of the story. In your mind, you will probably be thinking that this is just a misunderstanding that you can clear up with the police. While that could possibly be true, it is imperative that you discuss this with an attorney before doing so. Defending these types of allegations are rarely easy. Be wary of those attorneys who promise quick and easy solutions.

It is important to discuss your case with an attorney before speaking with ANYONE involved in the case, not just the police, be it witnesses, friends, the alleged victim, etc.

DeJean & Noland Law Office has the experience and knowledge to work with you on these types of cases. Call us today at 225-344-2639 to get help now!

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