Gun Trusts: What You Need To Know

Gun Trusts: What Are They? Many people don’t know what gun trusts are used for nor how do obtain one.

We broke down the basics below:

Gun trusts allow multiple people to legally be in possession and use Title II NFA firearms, as well as hand down these weapons through generations.

Gun trusts are necessary because anyone wanting to own special weapons must adhere to the procedures set up by the NFA and those weapons can only be possessed and used by the registered owner.

What happens if the registered owner dies? Who owns the weapons? gun-trust-louisiana

No one. In fact, you can get arrested and put in federal prison if found in possession of the weapons that aren’t under your name and ignorance is not a defense.

By setting up a gun trust, gun owners and their family members can avoid all of these problems. Not only do they provide the biggest benefit of not getting you arrested but they also:

  • It allows multiple people to possess and use the weapons in the trust
  • It extends weapon life over generations
  • It avoids the need for strict approval for purchases, increasing privacy
  • It avoids the need for probate and future restrictions

These are just a few of the benefits of gun trusts and how they are operated. For legal advice, please contact our Baton Rouge attorneys now!


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