Jury Acquits Man in Gardere Lane Bicyclist Fatality

The jury returned the verdict Friday evening in the case against Darby Griffin. Griffin was on trial for the death of Barbara Jacobs, 56. Jacobs was riding her bike on Gardere between Burbank and Nicholson when she was hit, knocked to the ground and hit by a second vehicle. The jury said there was not enough evidence to convict Griffin.

It was the second trial involving Griffin and the wreck. One in May ended in a mistrial.

“It gives people a reason to believe in the system,” Griffin’s attorney, Felix DeJean, said.. “I am proud to stand by Darby Griffin and proud to defend him. Now it’s time to heal and move forward.”

Since Griffin left the scene but eventually told police what happened a few hours after the crash, there was an argument over whether Griffin was responsible for a hit-and-run.

“The way the law was written was unclear,” said Savage. “The statute didn’t work the way they wanted to. I know the victim’s family is disappointed.”

The wreck forced a discussion about making Gardere Lane safer. Following the crash, people asked for sidewalks. While none have been constructed, there is a plan to build sidewalks along the busy two-lane street.

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