One Moment Starts a Movement

Like most of us, Andy DeJean is pressed to get everything done in a day. Often, he just doesn’t have enough hours.

But one day he took a moment to do an act of kindness and started a movement.

Felix “Andy” DeJean IV was focused on driving and on a lengthy task list when he noticed an elderly woman struggling to carry her heavy grocery bags. In that moment, his heart told him to turn around and help her. He offered her a ride home and loaded the grocery bags into his car.

On the ride she explained that it would have taken her hours to get home using her normal bus ride. Her gratitude was touching and inspiring. Andy saw what a moment of kindness could do and started a movement to encourage others to share kindness, goodness, and positivity.

As a local attorney, Andy is proud to put the support and encouragement of his firm, DeJean & Noland Law Office, behind the Your Kind Act movement.

Joining Your Kind Act involves no dues, no restrictions, no commitments. The movement merely asks you to share your kindness with others and, if you want, to add your stories to its website:

You will find more about the organization on the website and will also find inspiring stories like these:

  • the fraternity that sponsored a free car wash with donations to support those fighting to end SARS in Nigeria
  • the college student who took a semester off school for an overseas mission trip
  • the young woman who sends handwritten letters to an elderly woman who shared that she misses the days of letters in cursive
  • the college baseball player who signed a ball for a young fan
  • the woman who commits to giving one compliment per day

Your Kind Act asks people to do simple acts of kindness for relatives, friends, and strangers. We believe that simple kindness brings more happiness and positivity to our world today.

We hope that you will join us.

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