I Was Pulled Over…Should I Take A Breathalyzer?

One of the concerns we often get are questions regarding DUIs.

First and foremost you should NEVER get behind the wheel if you are under the influence, however, there are some things to know if you do find yourself, unfortunately, pulled over in that situation:

If you choose to blow in a breathalyzer on first offense DWI your license will be suspended for three months, and you will probably face probation and stiff fines. If you do not blow it is more likely that the case can be beaten.

However, if you refuse to blow the state has impeded on our rights such that your license is automatically suspended for one year if you do not. Additionally, they can get a warrant for your blood to be drawn and do so frequently. It comes down to sometimes you will likely spend more in attorney fees to beat it than it would cost to face the music.

Previous DWI’s can be used against you for ten years.

In other words, if you are arrested for a DWI in November of 2010, and are arrested for another DWI anytime before November 2020 it will be counted as your second offense. So forth and so on.

Third offense DWI is a felony whereby you face up to five years in prison.

If you are pulled over for suspected DWI and you have one or more previous DWI convictions do not blow. Let them get a warrant to test your blood if you choose to do so.

If you or your loved one is facing a DWI or DUI charge, you need a lawyer who is willing to fight for your best interest.

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