Man Found Not Guilty in Hit and Run

Darby Griffin Found Not Guilty

Darby Griffin hit Barbara Jacobs while she was riding her bike on September 30, 2012, then fled the scene. Jacobs died and Griffin turned himself into police later that night.

During the trial, Griffin testified that he fled because he didn’t feel safe at the crime scene. He said a gang was there taunting him.

“I don’t have no words to describe it,” Griffin said. “I feel for her family. I’m sorry about what happened… I’m just going on with my life now.”

Griffin’s defense attorney Andy DeJean was happy with the jury’s decision as well.

“We worked really hard,” DeJean said. “My client was not guilty. He was not guilty. And the jury found it that way.”

Prosecutors allege Griffin was drunk.

“I know that everybody worked hard,” Prosecutor Robert Savage said. “I know the victim’s family is disappointed. But I know the jury had a tough task and we’re just hoping that now people can begin to move on and stay safe on the roads.”

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